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You Need A Strategic Partner For Your Competitions

by Administrator 27 Apr 2015

So let’s talk about strategic partnerships and promotions, and how we can use some other brands to help elevate your brand even further. So a strategic partnership is where you can partner with another company/another brand that have probably more facebook friends than you, or have a bigger database, or something that you can really jump onboard with and they can promote your product. You need to start doing some research and finding companies that have a similar demographic but aren’t a competitor. If you’re a local karate school, to promote your company you wouldn’t go to the karate school that’s your competitor down the road, we wouldn’t do that, but you might go to a clothing store that sells the stock that your kids are wearing, you might go to local schools. It’s the same demographic, it’s where your potential clients are hanging out with brands and experiencing their products, that’s where you need to go to. These are often small businesses too, so don’t be intimidated. Just pick up the phone, explain where you’re calling from and say ‘look, I’ve got a data base of 200 facebook fans and 300 on my email database and I can promote you and maybe you can promote me’. It’s like a real ‘comci comca’, scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. If you got a call like that I’m sure you’d be really excited, so don’t be intimidated by it, just think how you would feel if you received that call and pick up the phone! Make a list of 10 potential strategic partnerships, I’d be shocked if you didn’t get at least three over the line. It’s a free way of promoting your business, and you can really get some fantastic leverage out of it. Also think about competitions of course when you’re doing these! Maybe they have a product that you can giveaway on your website if you you giveaway one of theirs. It’s a great way of promoting both of your brands. Find out more about promoting your brand with competitions at prizepig.com.au.

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