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Why Benchmarks Are The Best

by Administrator 09 Nov 2015

Benchmarks are the smartest and most effective way to run competitions to reward your listeners, readers, viewers, or fans. 

A benchmark, or regular competition is a giveaway that happens at the same place at the same time. A great example is a letter to the editor, or a regular quiz on the breakfast radio show. Here's some of the reasons a benchmark is where it's at for competitions. 


1. The rhythm of a regular competition will ensure you get higher entry numbers. If people expect a competition every Tuesday, or on the 7th page in the magazine, then they will be more likely to remember it's there and enter. 

2. It increases trust. If you run something that rewards them regularly, they will trust your brand more and develop a more engaging relationship with you. 

3. It makes life easier for you! If you have a regular competition, and set it up on Prize Pig, you can schedule in all your future prizes with a click of a button. 

4. Branding brilliance! If engaging, your competition can get a brand that grows as stong as your outet, think Pluck-A-Duck on Hey Hey It's Saturday, or the Famous Facebook Freebies that used to go crazy on a Monday morning! 


Make sure you set up your benchmarks in Prize Pig, and we'll get you the best prizes to wow your winners. 

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