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What is a TSL Competition

by Administrator 12 Feb 2015

Sometimes I use words and terms that I don’t even realise are ridiculously ‘industry’ because I’ve been working in promotions and competitions for about 15 years, and one I was writing down the other day is TSL. I was like ‘oh what a great TSL promotion’ and one of my staff members was like ‘I don’t even know what you’re talking about’ so I wrote it down to do a blog about it because it’s important that I’m not using terms that you guys don’t know about. So I wanna talk about TSL.  


A TSL promotion is a brilliant promotion for you to get your brand name stuck in people’s heads, and that’s why major media use TSL promotions. It stands for Time Spent Listening, and you definitely would have heard one. It’s when you’re driving and the radio they say ‘coming up in the next 15 minutes - how you can win $100,000. Time Spent Listening. They’re getting you listening longer. That extra 15 minutes is in the radio ratings books! So you may not know that radio ratings is based on fifteen minute blocks, so when they get the book of ‘who did you listen to on Saturday morning’, it’ll be in 15 minute blocks and they’ll have to tick the radio station they listen to in the blocks. That’s why you hear them always teasing fifteen minutes forward, and they’ll be teasing your product as well.  

That’s a great way of you getting a couple of extra credits. If it’s a TSL promotion they’ll be talking about the competition fifteen minutes before it runs. Which means fifteen minutes before it happens, they’ll give you an extra brand mention. If that goes over a week on a radio station, that’s five extra spots that they’re talking about your brand, that you otherwise wouldn’t have got. So TSL promotions are fantastic. Time Spent Listening, more people will be listening to your competition, and you also get a few more air checks out of it, which we love, in media space without the media spend, with Prize Pig.

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