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What Is A Prize Pig?

by Administrator 01 Sep 2015






I’m always asked ‘What is a prize pig?’, so I thought I’d make a little blog about it today, and chat with you about how I got the name for the business, because it’s super cute but it also is a bit of an industry term, i’ll let you in on the secret! So, as you know probably, I worked in radio for years, and prize pig is a term that’s used for a winner that keeps on winning. It’s those lucky people you see, sometimes on a Current Affair, and they’re professional competition enterers, and they’re sitting on a couch surrounded by random televisions and toasters and bread makers. That is a Prize Pig! People who are super lucky and often it’s a profession, so instead of going to work they’ll stay home and win a lot of prizes. Prize Pig sometimes can be a term that isn’t used in a favourable light, you’ll see some radio stations, on their phone system, if somebody calls it’ll have their name (‘cause they take your details when you call in their system - there’s another secret) so, it’ll have Prize Pig written on it so you go ‘oh they’ve won a heap of stuff so we won’t take their call, we’ll take somebody who hasn’t called before and kind of share the love around a bit’. That’s kind of where Prize Pig comes from, I think it’s a really positive term, I’m a total Prize Pig! Particularly with raffles at the local RSL club, and it’s OK to be a Prize Pig! Make sure that you have lots of people that are Prize Pig’s for your product and start doing as many promotions as you can. Thanks!

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