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Pitching A Prize Media Want

by Administrator 05 Oct 2016

Want to get started getting epic media exposure, using competitions? The first step is offering a prize that is irresistible. We're here to help you make your prize as appealing as possible and get you major media exposure immediately. When you offer the right prize to media outlets in Prize Pig, we have a 90% acceptance rate - the only time you'll miss out on a competition is if there's a little problem with your prize. But that's really easy to fix with these tips. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your prize must be relevant to the media outlet you're pitching too, when the media open up your prize pitch their reaction needs to be, 'Wow! Our listeners / readers will LOVE this!'. Therefore you need to tailor your prize a little for each pitch to get this reaction. If you are getting declines, that'd because the media don't think you're prize is appealing enough, so you need to make it sexier and more relevant! Here are some tips to get you started; 


Is It Really A Prize?

A discount on your products or services isn't a prize. It's important that the winner doesn't need to spend any money - this includes shipping. Imagine if you won a prize on a radio station, and they charged you $10 to send it to you! You need to offer legitimate prizes, some more info is here. 

Check The Demographic

Pitching baby wear to a radio station that targets 25 year olds isn't going to be a success. Stick to the media outlets for Mums, or older women mum. A mainstream media outlet needs a mainstream prize. For example, for a radio station the winner might be the first person that calls through. If that's Dave a 20 year old plumber from Blacktown, he's not going to be excited about baby products. 

Check Your Wording

Earlier this week there was a pitch to a men's radio station for a voucher to a day spa to fix up their skin conditions. Whilst incredibly helpful for some men, no-one is going to run to the phone to try and win that. Your prize needs to be SEXY! A few tweaks and this could be a manscaping package to get you ready for the weekend. Now that's sexy! And listeners will want to win that! It's the same prize, however just written a little better.

We saw a voucher for an 'e-commerce store' come through. The wording of that isn't sexy - talk about the prize! For a voucher why don't you pick something AWESOME they could win from your store, and they can get it with the voucher. Save the B2B talk for your business partners, and use words that will make the media smile. 

The title of the prize is the first thing the media outlet looks at, so make sure it's punchy. Having '10 x online vouchers' or '$100 prize' won't get you the results you want. Make sure you add in as much as you can about your brand, and get them excited to promote you. 

Is It Enough? 

If the media have asked for 10 prizes, and you've offered 5 - then unfortunately that'll get declined. This also goes for value, so if they've asked for a $100 prize and you offer something valued at $80, that'll be unsuccessful as well. Make sure you check the requirements and offer what they've asked for. Then they'll support you with how they've promised as well.  

Pimp Your Prize 

Sometimes prizes need a little pimping. If you have a smaller prize, consider bumping it up a little. You can do this two ways.

  1. Buy something. If you spend $500 on a prize, but get $8k in media exposure, that’s awesome! Don’t be shy to spend a little to get a lot.
  1. Do A Deal - Contact another business and tell them the competition you want to secure and often they will give you the prize for free as you’ll be promoting them too. 

 Here are some examples of businesses who are kicking ass with media exposure and making mainstream with great partnerships.

To promote their thyroid and health clinic, the Lucy Rosy Clinic gave away vouchers to Rebel Sport. This is a great way to get people excited and then introduce them to your brand. The media consumers are attracted to the Rebel Sport vouchers, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and then they read some more information about the clinic.

Fitness mate app FitMeet have a free app, so they are giving away a smart-phone as an incredible prize. The competition space will feature an image of the phone with the app logo, and talk about the app - Thanks to FitMeet you can with this smart-phone.

Take The Time

It only takes a few minutes to offer a great prize, so take the time to type in the correct details and make it sexy. Ten minutes in creating a great pitch, can result in thousands of dollars in media exposure. Plus when a media outlet accepts your prize, they will use the details you have submitted and you won't have the opportunity to edit again. We certainly don't want a magazine hitting the shelves with hardly any information on your brand because you didn't add it into your pitch. 

And if you need some help to get the right prize to get you media, the team at Prize Pig are here to help! Just click the LIVE CHAT button at the bottom of the page or send us an email. info [@] prizepig.com.au.


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