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Make Time To Grow Your Business

by Administrator 09 Feb 2016

I don't have time. 

Face Palm. 

This is like, 'it's not you, it's me'. I say that I don't have time to go for a run. I have time to spend an hour cooking dinner every night though. The fact is I just don't want to go for a run. I would rather cook and eat.

We make time for the things that matter to us. You haven't said no to taking a customers payment cause you don't have time right?

I'm trying to be honest with myself around this language, and I'm really noticing it when I hear it from others. You don't have time to do marketing? Ek? How is anyone going to hear about your business? It's not making time that you can make mistakes.

I recently heard of an accountant that didn't have time for marketing and was on the brink of bust. She called a marketing agency on the Monday and asked for an urgent marketing campaign to be launched immediately with leads in her inbox by Wednesday. The only way this was going to happen is with a lot of money. It's a rush band-aid and it's not a quick fix it process. 

However with a gentle and consistent marketing campaign from the beginning, she wouldn't have been in this position.

Prize Pig is one of those things that people sometimes say they don't have time for. One of our awesome clients spend 10 minutes a week for 3 months and got $190,000 in media exposure. That's $1500 ROI each week for just ten minutes. 

If you spend ten minutes a week in the Pig and generated that level of media exposure you would save money on advertising and hours of time in developing your ad campaigns. 

Your competitiors would be scratching their heads wondering how you got into that awesome magazine, they'd then think - I should call the magazine and see if I can do that too, but I don't have time...



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