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Make A Winner Your Brand Ambassador

by Administrator 04 May 2015

I don’t want you to think that once you’ve run a Facebook promotion and you’ve announced your winner, that that’s kind of done and dusted and woo hoo! chalk it up on the board as an awesome win! You can do more than that and I just want to chat with you today about how you can get your winner even more excited and become and brand ambassador. So once you’ve drawn your winner on your facebook competition make sure you announce it to the world. I’d recommend taking a photo of the prize and make it look really amazing, and say something like ‘Hey Sam, Prize Winner (tag them in on the post) we’re just bundling this up for you now to send out, make sure you let us know what you think of the prize, we’re really excited woo hoo!’. Then people will comment and be like ‘Hey Sam, Congratulations’, and all that sort of fun stuff, and they will love it! So, that’s the first thing to do. Next, put something special in there. Maybe a little hand written note ‘thanks for entering our comp, we’re really excited to have you play with our product. We wanna know what you think of it’. Ask them for some feedback. You might be able to get a brilliant testimonial out of it ‘cause they didn’t pay for it, then you can use it on your website to convert other people. Another thing you can do is to give them a voucher to send out to their friends. So something like 5 or 6, 10% offers. You can even put a code in there so that they give it to their friends and you know that they’re the winner of that competition, so you can gauge how much of an ambassador they actually are. And if they’re sending it out and they’re converting well, maybe you should send them some more! Don’t forget about winners once you’ve sent them the prize because they can really keep pushing your brand out. You’ve just got to keep them engaged. So, run some more facebook competitions and see what happens! If you want some more info on promotions and how you can really accelerate your brand check out our website. It’s prizepig.com.au.



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