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How To Look Bigger

by Administrator 12 Feb 2015

When we’re working on our new website we asked some of our favorite clients for some feedback, and one piece of feedback that came through really kind of knocked me for six. A client said ‘We love using Prize Pig ‘cause they make us look bigger than what we are’. We do! It’s not something I’d ever really articulated before or wrote it down or had it as like a brand mantra or tagline or anything. But essentially when you really boil it down, that’s what competitions do. If you’re using prizes to promote your brand, it’s making you look bigger than what you are because you’re not paying for the space with media, but you can be everywhere really easily, and make it look like you have an absolute wallet full of cash and you’re just throwing money at television stations! 


It’s a really fantastic way of growing your brand and making you look bigger than what you are. I love the idea of people having small at home business and packing boxes in the kitchen and shipping them off for a feature on Channel Ten this next morning. It makes you look as big as Coca Cola and it’s really exciting. We just get so excited about every promotion that we run particularly with our really small clients and if you want more information on how you can do that for your brand - make sure you hit up the website because there’s heaps of information there on how to expand your brand with Prize Pig. Thanks!

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