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How To Leverage Your Advertising

by Administrator 11 Feb 2015

Advertising is often the first step for a small business when they want to increase their sales. You have to spend money to make money right?

So you research and select the first place to advertise – perhaps putting all your eggs in one basket. Let’s use a magazine as an example. Say you book an ad, you pay for the space with a sales person, and it’s expensive, ouch! You then pay a designer to create the ad – more money! And you wait for the phone to ring and the orders to come in with your fingers crossed.

It’s the old way of thinking and it’s not enough anymore. As small businesses we need to be more creative, and engage our new customers more effectively.

We need to capture a new audiences attention immediately, and hold it long enough to get our message across. As we chant, content is king and expand our empires with blogs, videos, white papers and other marketing tools, the way we advertise doesn’t seem to have shifted. The answer is to begin or support your advertising with promotions, creatively engaging your new customers with an exciting opportunity minus the overt sales tactic.

When in discussions with a media outlet for your advertising, ask if you can offer your product or service as a giveaway to them to support your advertising. It’s a simple question, which could get you some big results

They may be able to giveaway your product or service to their audience in their e-newsletter, on social media or as a reader reward. This results in you stretching your dollar further, creating a space where a potential lead may be exposed to your branding a second time while lurking in the same place, and an opportunity to catch their attention with something a little more seductive than a pop up banner.

There’s no doubt that promotions are more engaging than advertising, so ensure you give yourself the best chance to engage your new customers. A promotion encourages the consumer to imagine they won the prize. When they see a promotion, they immediately imagine themselves with the product, as it’s a competition, there is a slight chance they could have that product – and the emotional engagement with your brand begins.

When you partner this positive reaction to your product, with an advertising space you create a perfect match – doubling your space, devising an engagement strategy, plus you’ve just created some more content.

Content you say? Yes! It’s not very appealing to pop on your Facebook feed that you’re doing a run of advertising with a magazine, but it is exciting to inform your followers that you’re running a promotion and that they should enter.

So, remember to ask just one question when handing over your company card for a media buy. It could effectively double your businesses media space, and in turn double your sales. You can’t afford not to ask!  

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