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How To Get Free Advertising

by Administrator 10 Feb 2015

So when I was working on some Prize Pig ad words a few days ago we were looking through all the key words that people are pumping in. And one thing that really stood out for me is how many people put in ‘Free Advertising’. There’s no such thing as ‘free’, particularly with advertising, oh my goodness, Channel Ten don’t give-away ads, and neither do any of the major magazines, but ‘free advertising’ is huge with ad words, and I just wanted to talk a little bit about how promotions are kind of free advertising! When you’re running a promotion with a media outlet they’re giving you this space they usually save for clients. So we’re fortunate enough that media give us incredible media space without a media spend, so that we can give it to different clients to put their products in and promote them with the competitions. I suppose this is free advertising, we’re not paying for the advertising, but we’re getting the space in exchange for products. We in the industry would call that contra, it’s a contra arrangement, and so that’s how we get free advertising with Prize Pig. You can do it with smaller media outlets, if you wanted to call your local newspaper or a local blog that is talking about products similar to yours, and offer them a contra deal they’ll know what you’re talking about. And it’s a nice, easy, gently way of getting into media and getting that “free advertising” that everybody’s talking about! If you want more info though, we’ve got heaps of videos on competitions and how you can really leverage it when you’re first starting your business. They’re all on the website, prizepig.com.au

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