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How highly successful people achieve their goals – do you do this?

by Mary Devine 04 Jul 2016

As a human behaviour specialist, I’m obsessed with how people create extraordinary lives and achieve extraordinary things. I’m obsessed with learning it, and also sharing it.


I have accumulated an endless list of resources on how to create success. I’ve read many biographies and watched weeks worth of videos. Most of which, I either implement myself or teach to others. I’ve gathered a truck load of golden ideas, principles, methods and frameworks and today, I want to share one of those golden nuggets with you. I trust you will find this valuable.


One of my favourite distinctions between those who succeed and those who don’t, is this; those who succeed take action every single day. It sounds simple, and it is.


The trick, however, is knowing and choosing the right action to take.


Many people go through life with an idea, a wish list or a desire to have something different. Typically, two things then happen; absolutely nothing or they give up. Often, people go through life accepting what happens to them rather than finding out what they need to do to make it happen. For a long time, I used to be the latter, until I learnt this golden rule.


There is absolutely no substitute for taking action. None.


Even if you’re standing on the right track at the bottom of the mountain, with the right equipment and supplies on your back and holding the right map in your hand, without actually taking a step forward, you’ll never get to the peak.


People who do not take action, will not achieve their goals. To add to that, people who take the wrong action, will also not achieve their goals.


So, let’s get clear on what I mean by taking the right action in a business context. Firstly, what I don’t mean is planning, researching, setting up your office space or signing up to programs. Yes, that is taking action, however it is also known as procrastination. Procrastination is when you do something to make yourself feel like you’re taking action, however, you’re not getting traction towards your goal. You’re not getting new clients, building valuable relationships or driving revenue.


The key is to identify which actions are going to get you the most traction so you can focus your energy on doing them every single day. I call these high quality activities, and also known as, revenue generating activities. My rule is, do one high quality activity every day, preferably more if you can, however, at a minimum do one.


Identifying your high quality activities may take trial and error and may not be obvious at first, and that’s okay. Also, be careful not to overload yourself. You don’t need a long list of high quality activities to be effective, in fact, long lists tend to lead to overwhelm and confusion. Identify the few activities that produces the best result – have you heard of the 80:20 rule? 80 percent of your results comes from 20 percent of your effort. Find that 20 percent and form habits to execute and implement these daily. 


Good luck!



Mary Devine


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