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by Administrator 13 Apr 2015


I bet you want some free publicity! Publicity’s really hard to get, that’s why there’s hundreds of PR agencies only in Sydney, let alone everywhere else. Free publicity is free because it’s hard, it’s much easier to buy advertising because you just book a page and you’re done. Free publicity is also competitions, so if you can’t afford or you’re not at a stage in your business yet where you can bring on a PR agency to do a full work over on your business, then doing some competitions on the side is a nice entry level way of getting started. If you bring on a PR agency to get you some free publicity, you are paying for the PR agency, they’ll do you an incredible press release, they’ll partner your brand with local and other media outlets that they’ve hit as probably really great for your target demographic, and they’ll keep creating stories and pitching and re-pitching to them, it’s a lot of hours and a lot of work and it’s something that you kind of need your hand being held if you are doing it yourself. Prize Pig is similar, we want to hold your hand and we want to support you in doing competitions. Whilst it isn’t free publicity as such, it’s definitely getting your brand out there and getting you media space without the media spend. So, everybody wants some free publicity, it doesn’t really exist, unfortunately, even though there is hundreds of google searches for it every single day. But if you really do want free publicity, i’d say getting cracking on promotions. Start doing some Facebook comps and see what happens. If you want more details though on how competitions can really leverage and get you some new customers, check out the website. It’s prizepig.com.au.

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