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Are You Offering A Sweet Prize? Or Being Sneaky?

by Administrator 09 Nov 2015

Imagine this. You enter a competition online to win a night's accomodation in a super swanky hotel, and you WIN! WOW! Surely you're super excited, you call and make the booking and dream about your special night. You update your FB status and tell all your friends you won something #excited! With your overnight bag you stand in the lobby, and they take your name and then ask you for $150 for the room. 

WHAT?! You won a prize! You're a winner! Well, they explain, you won a voucher for a room, but it doesn't actually cover the full amount, and this is the gap. If you begrudgingly hand your card over, the night is ruined anyway. You might update your FB status to #rippedoff.

It's important when offering a prize, that it's actually a prize. The winner needs to win something that doesn't cost them anything. If you're offering a voucher that requires a minimum spend, then that's really a marketing tactic that may work really well for a Facebook ad campaign. However Prize Pig is for prizes.

Media outlets run competitions to reward their winners, and when you offer something that they need to pay for, it's not a reward and leaves a bad taste for your brand.

You can convert winners to customers lots of ways, check out HERE for some examples, however forcing a winner to spend money isn't going to get you a loyal customer.

Instead of low value vouchers, offer your best product! That's going to get you great media exposure and build your brand in a positive way.  



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