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3 Types of Winners

by Administrator 06 Feb 2015

The Three Types of People Who Will Win Your Prize

The Squealer

Oh My Gard! Wooo! Wow! OMG! This is probably the first time this squealer has won something, or they really really wanted the prize, and you won’t believe it – they really need this holiday / car / CD as their partner just left them / they have a cold / they really want it but can’t afford it. These winners are super excited, and super chatty. These are the warm and fuzzies, the winners that make you feel like you did a something a little lovely at work that day.

The Cool Kid

You’ve won! You say with annoying enthusiasm. They respond with a monotone, ‘cool’. Did you hear me? I’ve just told you that you’re going on a holiday for free that I would give my right tit for and you think it’s cool? Sometimes trying to beat excitement out of someone is really difficult. This is one of the big jobs of a radio producer. Even though they’ll always say the first called through will win, if you sound a little flat, and the second caller is a squealer, you might find the line drops out…

The Prize Pig

Did you include a voucher for a shuttle bus in the T&C’s?  Well you better have sent it to the winner before the trip, or you may find yourself reading out your own credit card number at 3am to a winner who just landed and is stranded in Las Vegas. There are rumours of a radio station in Australia that has a pink pig squeak toy that they squeeze when they have a prize pig on the phone. There may be a lucky Prize Pig who wins your product, or an excited squealer, whoever the winner – you have placed your brand in front of thousands of potential new customers.

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